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start somewhere

begin a place that commences commerce

between what’s not and what’s now.

by bleeding and sweating and crying and

by breaking ground 

My reactions to Der Holle Rache


When most sopranos sing it:

When Diana Damrau sings it:

Love is Crazy (ft. Eugene Cordero) - Childish Gambino

Bacon smile is the best kind of smile.

Bacon smile is the best kind of smile.

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Ana Tijoux - 1977

Source: SoundCloud / lulyboo
5/13/12 — 3:25pm Short URL: Filed under: #audio 

Foo fighters - Everlong

Source: SoundCloud / alex.butler92
5/11/12 — 8:35pm Short URL: Filed under: #audio